Studies proves that CoffeeSlender® works!

In 2002, an open pilot study was conducted on our coffee extract Svetol at The University of Maine, USA. The dosage given the to the test persons equals the amount of chlorogenic acid found in 3 cups of CoffeeSlender®, and 60 per cent of the respondents had a 50 per cent decrease in their blood sugar.

Reduced blood sugar means less insulin and less storage of fat in the body. Since chlorogenic acid reduces blood sugar effectively, one also has a good reason to believe that it also has an influence on the weight. Doctor Blum at The University of Maine also conducted a study on this theory, and in his study, the respondents had an average weight reduction of 1.5 kilograms in 6 weeks.

A recently concluded study conducted by Doctor Schneck in Lientz, Austria, gave the results shown in the graphs below. The respondents did not change their diets or exercise habits during these studies, but had 3 cups of CoffeeSlender® daily.