About CoffeeSlender®

Three cups a day can contribute to weight loss

Mona GrudtThree cups a day can contribute to weight loss. After water, coffee is the most common beverage in the entire western world. In the Nordic countries coffee is regarded as the national beverage with each person drinking an average of over 150 litres of coffee a year. CoffeeSlender® is a food supplement that consists of savoury freeze dried coffee and Svetol®, a patented extract. Svetol® consists of concentrated chlorogenic acid extracted from the green coffee bean and contains qualities that can help you loose weight. The effect of the chlorogenic acid has been documented in various studies. It inhibits the body’s absorption of glucose and can thereby contribute to a balanced blood sugar profile, resulting in a decrease in the body’s production of insulin. Insulin is vital for the body’s ability to transform carbohydrates into fat. This can in turn lead to less storage of fat in the body and to more of the fat reserves being burned away.

A better balanced blood sugar level can also reduce the craving for sugar.

Recent research shows that the coffee bean has a lot of other interesting qualities. Chlorogenic acid and so called polyphenols have proven to be some of the most potent antioxidants we know of today and this makes coffee, and in particular CoffeeSlender®, the most important source of antioxidants in our diet.

A peer medical study published in September 2007 confirms the effect of CoffeeSlender®.

CoffeeSlender® Coffee

The CoffeeSlender® coffee contains no chemical substances and it is 100 per cent natural. Since a lot of the chlorogenic acid is lost when the coffee bean is roasted and because we add the concentrated extract Svetol®, CoffeeSlender® coffee contains several times more chlorogenic acid than regular coffee.

Just like with any other instant coffee, add CoffeeSlender® to clean, boiled water and stir. For plain coffee, add 1,5 decilitres of water, for espresso you add 0,75 decilitres. To gain the best effect, CoffeeSlender® should be taken in connection with meals.

One cup of CoffeeSlender contains approximately 60 milligrams of caffeine, slightly less than peculator/brewed coffee (80 milligrams) and slightly more than black tea (40 milligrams).

CoffeeSlender® Tablets – A Decaffeinated Alternative

The CoffeeSlender® tablet is a good alternative for people who should stay away from caffeine or have difficulties sleeping when drinking coffee in the evening.

One tablet equals one cup of CoffeeSlender® and is taken directly before eating. The tablets do not contain caffeine because Svetol® is extracted from decaffeinated coffee beans. One cup of decaffeinated coffee or black tea contains about 4 mg of caffeine, but in the CoffeeSlender® tablets there are only found traces of this substance (<0,2mg).

CoffeeSlender® Mints and Coffeeslender Chewing Gum – Tasty and Sugar Free

The mints or chewing gum may be used both before and after meals, for instance 1-2 mints directly before and a chewing gum just after a meal. In addition to affecting the blood sugar you clean and strengthen your teeth because the mints and gum contain xylitol. Four mints/chewing gums equal one tablet/cup of coffee.

You can also have a mint or chewing gum when you crave for something sweet. They are tasty and sweet but almost without calories. Besides, they do not contain caffeine!